AP Automation Solution for Lumina Mediaocean Users

    The best invoice processing software for Lumina Mediaocean

    Lumina Mediaocean customers have better things to do than process invoices.

    And Lumina Mediaocean customers cannot afford the strained supplier relationships and potential cash flow issues caused by slow invoice approvals and invoice processing errors.

    Accounts payable automation solutions from IPS enable Lumina Mediaocean customers to automate their invoice processing and focus more time on higher value activities that help build the business.

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    How Lumina Mediaocean customers can automate invoice processing

    IPS provides Lumina Mediaocean customers with a digital invoice-to-pay process from Day 1.

    IPS invoice processing software receives all invoices – including e-mail invoices – automatically extracts line-item details, credit memos, adjustments, placement level and other information from invoices, matches invoices against insertion orders residing in Lumina Mediaocean, and posts matched invoices directly to Lumina Mediaocean.

    Unmatched invoices and invoices requiring approval are digitally routed to the appropriate person based on pre-configured business rules. A graphical dashboard provides visibility into the entire process, even when staff work from home, and a comprehensive audit trail, logging of all actions taken on an invoice, and ironclad security protect data and mitigate the chance of fraud.

    The IPS AP automation solution can be deployed fast, and easily integrated with Lumina Mediaocean. And IPS won’t disrupt the way you currently do things in Lumina Mediaocean.

    AP automation software delivers big benefits to Lumina Mediaocean customers

    Accounts payable automation software enables Lumina Mediaocean customers to:

    • Reduce the costs and hassles of processing supplier invoices
    • Accelerate the matching of invoices and orders for faster client billing
    • Avoid invoice approval delays that can strain supplier relationships
    • Post more invoices directly to Lumina Mediaocean without manual intervention
    • Always you to know how much money has been spent on behalf of a client


    These are some of the reasons that the world’s largest media buyers use IPS for invoice processing.

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    Learn why IPS offers the best invoice processing software for Lumina Mediaocean customers.

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