Accounts Payable Automation Solutions for Workday Users

    Fully automated invoice processing for Workday customers

    Virtually all Workday customers want to move to fully electronic invoice processing in the cloud.

    The advantages of automating invoice processing are clear: reduced invoice processing costs, faster invoice approval workflows, fewer duplicate payments and errors and decreased supplier inquiries.

    Accounts payable automation also makes it easy for AP staff to Work from Home.

    There is limited potential for Workday customers to achieve these benefits without AP automation.

    That is the reason that one of the largest Children’s Hospital in the United States – a Workday customer – relies on an automated accounts payable solution from IPS for its invoice processing.

    Going to 100% electronic invoice processing

    The best AP automation solutions for Workday digitize and simplify invoice processing:

    • Aggregate all paper and electronic invoices from suppliers onto a single platform
    • Extract and validate invoice header and line-item data with guaranteed 99.95% accuracy
    • Digitally route invoices for approval using the AP solution’s workflows or Workday’s
    • Eliminate back-and-forth phone calls and e-mails with exceptions resolution tools
    • Effortlessly upload approved invoices to Workday – no error-prone manual keying!
    • Synchronize data between the Workday ERP and the AP automation solution
    • Real-time tracking of invoices, no matter where AP staff work
    • Achieve 360-degree visibility into invoice data by integrating an AP solution with Workday
    • Empower suppliers to check the status of invoices 24/7/365 using an online portal
    • Securely store invoice images and data in an AP solution and link them to Workday

    IPS AP automation solutions for Workday ERPs process any invoice, no matter how they arrive:

    • Mail
    • Email
    • Fax
    • FTP upload
    • Web portal
    • IPS supplier portal
    • EDI
    • Shared services center

    And cloud-based accounts payable automation solutions can be deployed fast and integrated easily with legacy Workday ERP platforms, with little IT involvement and no impact on existing processes.

    All this helps extend the capabilities of your Workday ERP solutions.

    If automation is a priority for your accounts payable department, IPS wants to speak with you!