Accounts Payable Automation Solution for CoreMedia Users

    The #1 invoice processing software for CoreMedia

    Digitize and simplify your invoice processing to automatically match invoices with insertion orders in CoreMedia, minimize errors, bill clients more quickly and gain better visibility over client spend.


    How CoreMedia customers automate invoice processing

    The IPS media payables solution enables media buyers to digitize invoice processing from Day 1.

    Our software receives all your paper and electronic invoices – including invoices sent via e-mail – extracts line-item data and other information from invoices, matches invoices against insertion orders in your CoreMedia platform, and posts matched invoices directly to CoreMedia touch-free.

    Any unmatched invoices or invoices requiring approval are digitally routed to the appropriate person, based on your pre-configured business rules. Supplier invoices can be approved fast, with one click.

    Regardless of your invoice volumes, CoreMedia customers can go 100% digital with IPS.

    Why CoreMedia users automate accounts payable with IPS

    IPS AP automation solutions free your staff to focus on higher value activities and grow the business.

    • Digital: Simplify the handling of paper and e-mail invoices from Day 1.
    • Accurate: Reduce errors with our nearly flawless data capture accuracy.
    • Touch-free: Post approved invoices directly to your CoreMedia platform.
    • Fast: Improve your cash flow with guaranteed invoice processing turnaround times.
    • Transparent: Always know exactly how much has been spent on behalf of a client.
    • Cloud-based: Streamline invoice processing, no matter where AP staff work.


    These are some of the reasons the biggest media buyers in the world trust IPS for invoice processing.

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