Accounts Payable Automation for SAP ERP Users

    Maximize your SAP ERP investments

    Organizations are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. Accounts payable departments cannot afford to waste time and money on manual and semi-automated invoice processing.

    IPS enables organizations to automate the invoice process that feeds their SAP ERP.

    Our end-to-end platform automates the processing of paper and e-mail invoices, enabling organizations to reduce costs, eliminate errors, accelerate cycle times and achieve transparency.

    And IPS accomplishes all of this without changing the way that SAP ERP users work.

    How it Works

    IPS enables SAP ERP users to effortlessly process invoices.


    Reduce costly, error-prone and time-consuming data entry with automated invoice data capture guaranteed at 99.95% accuracy:

    • Capture any paper or electronic invoice from suppliers
    • Extract and validate invoice header information without manual keying
    • Achieve guaranteed 99.95% data capture accuracy with our unique verification process
    • Seamlessly upload invoice data into SAP



    Accelerate invoice approval and eliminate late-payment penalties, capture more early-payment discounts, and reduce inquiries from suppliers:

    • Electronically route invoices for approval based on configurable business rules
    • View the status of invoices to ensure that approval processes stay on track
    • Stay productive on-the-go with mobile access and decision-making
    • Ensure compliance and security with audit trails and comprehensive administrative tools



    Facilitate the seamless upload of data on approved invoices to an SAP ERP:

    • Eliminate the need for costly and error-prone keying into an ERP
    • Accelerate the delivery of invoice information downstream
    • Gain 360-degree visibility into invoice and supplier information


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