Accounts Payable Automation for SAP Ariba Users

    Digitize, simplify and integrate all invoices into SAP Ariba to drive business growth and value

    Every AP department needs more insight and more power to get more done. In the digital world we live in today, AP leaders cannot afford to have insufficient access to business intelligence about the processes they are performing to get the job done.

    The IPS AP Automation Solution digitizes and simplifies the processing of any invoice, no matter the format, complexity or volume, where your staff work, or the ERP or accounting system that you use.

    IPS AP now on SAP StoreCombining IPS with SAP Ariba has helped organizations:

    • Reduce invoice processing costs
    • Accelerate invoice approval times
    • Eliminate duplicate payments
    • Decrease supplier inquiries
    • Improve cash flow and spend management
    • Keep approvals moving when staff work from home
    • Increase overall productivity in the AP department


    With the IPS AP Automation Solution, AP teams have more time to focus on the things that matter most to business growth: data analysis, supplier management and vendor master management.

    Best of all, IPS can accomplish all this without requiring changes to your legacy ERP or Ariba.

    A complete approach to AP automation

    The IPS AP Automation Solution makes it easy to receive, process and post any supplier invoice.

    • IPS EZ Invoice Upload: Strengthen the relationships with your vendors.
    • User-Centric Dashboard & BI: Improve financial and operational efficiencies.
    • Digital Mailroom: Effortlessly centralize all electronic and paper invoices onto a single platform.
    • Intelligent Capture: Never key invoice data again.
    • Dynamic Workflows: Accelerate invoice approvals.
    • Seamless Integration: Post approved invoices into SAP Ariba and/or your ERP without lifting a finger.


    The IPS AP Automation Solution will help you take advantage of quicker ROI with SAP Ariba and meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.


    Add value to your SAP Ariba investment, visit the SAP Store to learn more!


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