Accounts Payable Automation for PeopleSoft Users

    End-to-end invoice processing.  Integrated with PeopleSoft.

    Efficiently processing invoices in PeopleSoft can be a tall order.

    IPS delivers an accounts payable automation solution that integrates seamlessly with PeopleSoft.

    Our PeopleSoft-ready solution automates invoice processing end-to-end with capabilities for:


    • Digital mailroom for paper and electronic invoices
    • Intelligent data capture and validation
    • Digital workflows
    • Touch-free exceptions resolution
    • ERP integration
    • Business intelligence and reporting
    • Supplier management


    The seamless integration of our accounts payable automation solution with PeopleSoft extends the value of existing ERP investments through the delivery of significant incremental benefits:

    • Reduced invoice processing costs: Our best-in-class intelligent data capture technology significantly reduces manual data entry and associated errors, making it easier and faster for accounts payable departments to get invoice information into PeopleSoft. And our accounts payable automation solution supports invoices received via any delivery channel: paper, fax, e-mail, FTP, supplier portal, EDI and more.
    • Higher straight-through processing rates: Our accounts payable automation solution uses configurable business rules to automatically match the header and line-item data captured from invoices with critical information stored in PeopleSoft, such as the invoice date, vendor, quantity, and amount. Automatically validating this information increases the rate of invoices posted straight-through, without human operator intervention, and dramatically accelerates invoice approval cycles.
    • Touch-free exceptions resolution: Invoices with missing or incorrect information can be digitally routed to suppliers to provide the necessary data and resubmit the invoice electronically.
    • Greater workflow flexibility: Our accounts payable automation solution makes it easy for organizations to adapt their invoice processing workflows that feed PeopleSoft, without costly professional services or IT involvement.
    • Enhanced visibility: Seamlessly integrating our accounts payable automation solution with PeopleSoft provides users with 360-degree visibility into invoices and related data. 360-degree visibility arms organizations with the real-time reporting and analytics required to improve operational performance, ensure compliance, control, and security, and optimize cashflow.


    The accounts payable automation solution from IPS transforms paper-based manual processes into end-to-end digital processes that work the way you do – seamlessly integrated with PeopleSoft.  Schedule a free consultation today!