A History of Innovation in Accounts Payable

IPS is committed to delivering the best AP automation solutions.

Our strong focus on innovation-driven accounts payable automation solutions and invoice processing software has helped IPS grow into a global market leader.  This commitment also will guide us into the future.


    IPS was founded with the mission to transform document-centric business processes by creating 100 percent digital processes.


    IPS was the first company to perform database matching, now a key component of document automation.  Our pioneering use of database matching is cited in eight U.S. patents.


    IPS introduced the first solution to track the flow of documents from end-to-end.


    IPS introduced the first cloud-based digital repository.


    IPS leveraged its proprietary database matching technology to become the first vendor to offer “PO flip” – the instant conversion of purchase orders into electronic invoices.


    IPS integrated advanced technologies to deliver a guaranteed 99.95 percent accuracy rate for data capture – a level of accuracy that few solutions providers will guarantee, even today.


    IPS introduced the first digital workflow solutions especially designed for invoice automations & approvals.


    IPS pioneered the automatic routing and assignment of invoices with threshold approvals.


    IPS became one of the first vendors to automate the classification and sorting of documents.


    IPS pioneered the use of an online supplier portal for the upload of electronic invoices.


    IPS was among the first vendors to offer buyers and sellers full access to a single collaborative accounts payable platform, with full metrics on the end-to-end process. 


    IPS pioneered the use of machine learning to automate general ledger (GL) coding.


    IPS was the first vendor to use social media collaboration as part of invoice processing.