Customer Satisfaction

IPS carries out its Customer Satisfaction Survey through an independent third party* to monitor our customers’ experiences and provide us with direct critical feedback.

SPG ranked IPS as the #1 company in terms of customer satisfaction!

Our outstanding success results from our proven focus on customer satisfaction!

  • 100% reported that they received great value from IPS
  • 100% indicated that it is easy to do business with IPS
  • 97% felt that our pricing is accurate and reliable
  • 94% agreed that IPS is flexible and meets individual needs
  • Over one-third foresee an increase in their use of IPS services


This phone survey is conducted annually during the fourth quarter. Results are published during the first quarter of the new year. Our staff then meets to review the findings, identify areas for improvement and enact changes to ensure the improvements are carried out.

* Strategic Performance Group, LLC (SPG) is an independent, third-party international management consulting and market research firm based in Minneapolis, Minn.

Selected Customer Testimonials

Quality of Customer Service
“Ask any three imaging companies what makes them different and you hear the same thing. ‘It’s the quality of our people. It’s our customer service.’ That’s what we heard from IPS and its competitors during the vendor selection process. But in the case of IPS, I have to say it’s true. This project went as smoothly as it did precisely because of their people and their level of service.”
—Project Manager at a Top 40 Business Week 100 Best Global Brand

Improvement in Billing Control
“Working with IPS is something every company should consider. We have gone from having invoices paid by default to having the requisitioner actually verify that services or products were delivered. It’s a dramatic improvement in billing control. When I order something, I get to see the actual bill with all the line items. It helps me and all of our employees understand better what we’re spending money on.”
—Director of Accounting at the World’s Top Communications Components Provider