About Us

IPS delivers the solutions that make digital transformation a reality.

IPS is harnessing new technologies and combining them with our proven industry expertise  to entirely transform business processes. Invoice-to-pay, contract management, business process automation and more, no matter what ERP application or other legacy systems an organization uses, IPS can make your digital transformation a reality.

Our innovative solutions deliver the results that provide businesses with a competitive advantage.



IPS was a pioneer in the use of cloud-based image and data archival for business processes.  Over the past 28 years, we have created more than 1 billion digital records on behalf of our customers. 

Today, many of the world’s most recognized brands use IPS, including several Fortune 500 firms, 8 of the world’s 9 largest media buying and advertising companies, and prominent financial services companies, insurers, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical firms, and information technology firms.  

IPS was ranked as the leader in customer satisfaction by an independent research firm. 

IPS achieves an industry-leading 99.995 percent data accuracy rate, while simultaneously reducing time and investment. We skillfully combine superior technology with human intelligence, customer-specific business rules and rigorous process control. The IPS Six-Sigma-compliant battery of validation and verification processes virtually eliminates downstream data defects, regardless of source, volume or turnaround time.

IPS is headquartered in New Jersey, just across the river form New York City, and manages regional processing centers in the United States as well as Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. Our worldwide reach allows us to capture information in any language and create sustainable, fully digital workflow processes nearly anywhere in the world.

Digital technologies are changing the way that business processes get done.

  • Mobile
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Analytics